It’s unfortunate, that the majority of people that we work with have been in exactly the same situation as Harriet.  More often than not we hear the same things; I’ve been dieting on/off for 4 or 5 years, I’ve struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I’ve been inconsistent with exercise.

Thats why we want to share with you how Harriet changed things for the better.

“It has quite literally changed my life, I am a completely different person 

Harriet started working with OPEX Fitness Bristol; Head Coach Danny Harris eight months ago.

Harriet said “I have tried so many different fitness programs, diet fads and training regimes.  I’m so frustrated as I know there is so much more I can do but really needed direction and help”

“But with Danny’s knowledge and expertise, I immediately knew I was in good hands”


Working with OPEX Fitness Bristol everything starts with a consultation.  Heres what Danny says

“Harriet and I dug deep into not only her goals, but also the why behind her goals. We realised that her drive to lose pounds on the scale came down to a negative self image. After challenging the root of this self perception we agreed that the true goal was to walk down the beach in Thailand as a scuba instructor (in 9 months), feeling independent, confident and happy! So through exercise, nutrition, life coaching and supplementation we started work on just that.”

“It’s having that support as I go through, if somethings not quite working we can change things, everything is completely personalised to me!” 



After understanding Harriets goals and priorities Danny created a fully personalised fitness, nutrition and lifestyle plan for Harriet.

Harriet trained four times per week for a maximum of 60 minutes each session.  Her session combined using weights for resistance work and easy interval training.

She worked with Danny to make some big changes to her nutrition, including increasing her intake of fat.

When we started work on Harriet’s lifestyle, we realised that her sleep duration and quality was not supporting her training, her fat loss or her daily mood. We worked on her routines before and after bed time which dramatically improved her sleep.

Harriet also worked through our “blue print to health and fitness” E-book which is free to download by clicking here.

“Its the learning as I go, my knowledge is just getting better” 


Harriet has achieved such great results in such a short period of time and there is so much more to come.

She say ”  I feel so much more confident in my self and I can’t wait to get on the beach in Thailand”

Harriet is just one of many clients that have been helped by OPEX Fitness Bristol to live a larger life through personalised fitness

So if you would like to start your fitness journey with us, we encourage you to click the button below and schedule a FREE consultation with one of our Fitness Coaches


Watch the video to see what Harriet says about working with OPEX Fitness Bristol


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