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What does your body shape mean for your health?

What does your body shape mean for your health? Why didn’t Noah like apples? Because he preferred pears!! Anyway moving swiftly on… We know apples and pears are good for us, but if your body shape resembles an apple or a pear, what does this mean for your health? Body shape is a good indication of your health and can…
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How to create a balanced plate of food.

What your plate should look like When it comes to planning, cooking and serving up food, how do you decide how much to put on your plate? Meat, veg and carbs or talking in food terms a steak, broccoli and some chips. Or do you count calories of food and work it out from there, if so how it that working…
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Where to start with nutrition…?

  Nutrition put simply is the intake of food. Nutrition is important as it provides our bodies with the energy, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly. There are so many diets to follow, it hard to know which to choose and where to start? Atkins? Zone? Keto? Vegetarian? Paleo? Low-carb? High-Protein? The list goes on……
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[Case Study] How Harriet changed her life working with OPEX Fitness Bristol

It's unfortunate, that the majority of people that we work with have been in exactly the same situation as Harriet.  More often than not we hear the same things; I've been dieting on/off for 4 or 5 years, I've struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I've been inconsistent with exercise. Thats why we want to share with you…
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