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So you want to compete in the Sport of Fitness (or maybe even another sport!)

So you want to compete at the sport of fitness? We have people coming to us from all different levels looking to get better at the sport of fitness. It’s a sweeping statement made frequently, “I want to do competitions.” So we wanted to dig a little into how we help guide clients into performance. The first thing we always…
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You are what you eat right? Maybe not.

You are what you eat right? Maybe not. You are what you digest and assimilate! If you’re taking the time to eat better quality food to help you reach your fitness goals, you want to make sure you're actually in a state where your body can break down the nutrients and send them where they need to go. We help…
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Water and Hydration, what you need to know!

H2O, what you need to know Water intake is one of our basic lifestyle guidelines, and for good reason. You are over 60% water! Good hydration helps digestion, energy, cell function, mental acuity, detoxification and so much more. It really doesn’t matter how strictly you’re eating or how you’re training, if you’re not taking care of your water intake. Hydration,…
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5 Tips to help recovery

The basics of recovery. Pain is just weakness leaving the body… No pain, no gain… Two sayings that reinforce the more is more mentality in fitness. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying fitness should be easy, but we have to challenge this “beast mode” mentality when it's not supported by adequate recovery. Great fitness coaches are just facilitators…
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