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A NEAT way to burn fat

A NEAT way to burn fat When you’re trying to burn fat and improve body composition, it’s important to look at the whole body and all of its systems. Many people gravitate to strict diets, intense exercise or a combination of the two. But as the studies show, the results from these programs are not long lasting or sustainable. That’s…
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Protein, What you need to know…..

Protein, what you need to know. Protein, protein, protein. This macronutrient has probably been debated the most over the last few years. What’s too much? What’s too little? Complete or incomplete protein? Plant sources or meat sources? Unfortunately, there is no straight answer, but what we aim to do at OPEX Bristol is give you the basic information to help…
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Our top 3 supplements you should be taking….

Our top 3 supplements (and protein isn’t one of them) It’s tough to know what supplementation you should be taking, when every supplement company is constantly selling you on why you should take every single one of their 800 products. In this post we discuss why you may want to use supplementation, but also how you can get in those…
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What even is stress?

What even is stress (Part 1) At OPEX Bristol, a big part of how we work with our clients is to assess and manage stressors, to improve health, fitness and performance. Stress, like anything health and fitness related can be a complex topic. It’s important to know that not all stress is bad, but it’s important to see the whole picture.…
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