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OPEX Bristol is the first officially licensed OPEX gym outside of the US.

OPEX Bristol is changing people’s perception of health and fitness. We focus on helping our clients lead the most fulfilled and best life they can. We do this by offering a fully individualised fitness, nutrition and lifestyle program because no two people are the same.

More importantly, OPEX Bristol is a gym which is built around commitment and relationships. We commit to you and you commit to us. The relationship between our coaches and clients is key in your ongoing development.

How it works....


Every clients journey starts with a consultation. This consultation allows us to explore your purpose and gain a better understanding of who you're are and what you're looking to achieve.


After we have defined where you want to go, we create an individualised assessment to understand where your starting from. Our in-depth assessments look at body composition, mobility, strength, structural balance, energy systems and so much more.

Program design:

A lot of people talk about “customised”, but they do not abide by it. OPEX Bristol designs their clients a fully customised program based on where they sit today and where they want to go now and into the future. There are no templates and no cookie cutter programs. Your coach meets you where you are so that she/he can help guide you forever toward your goals.


Each month you’ll have a consultation with your coach so that you can discuss the big picture of your training, how your lifestyle is contributing to your success, how your nutrition is supplementing your progress, and where you’re heading next. That consultation will help you stay connected to your big picture goals so that your training remains on point each day.

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Our coaches

James Grogan


James is the head coach and owner of Opex Bristol which was the first officially licensed Opex Gym in the UK. James has been working within the fitness industry since 2011 and has helped hundreds of people through personal training and individually design fitness.

Our goal at OPEX Bristol is to help our clients realise their full potential. I work with clients to achieve alignment through a combination of personalised fitness, health, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

I have combined studying as an OPEX CCP with achieving qualifications in British Weightlifting Level 2, Precision Nutrition and Premier Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Therapy.

I have a wide experience of working with individual clients which has enhanced my personal continuing professional development and honed my coaching philosophy. I am confident to pass on my knowledge to help clients reach their personal goals.

I come from a family of teachers. I always said I did not want to be a teacher. Now, I think back to a conversation with my late father when he said to me "For someone who never wanted to be a teacher, you sure do a lot of teaching." So today my coaching philosophy at OPEX Bristol is one of teaching. I am proud to be a teacher and to help to educate people to achieve their potential.

Danny Harris


“I help guide clients from where they're currently stuck, onto the next level in their life and training”

My mission in coaching is to help people get “un-stuck.” Whether it’s breaking through plateaus on the way to increased performance, or just getting people from a point of pain and dysfunction back to health and vitality.

I have been lucky enough to work with over 200 clients over the last 8 years, allowing me to practise and refine my ever upgrading methods.

I have studied with the best of the best like OPEX, Functional Movement Systems, BWLA, precision nutrition and recently started to learn with functional diagnostic nutrition so I can improve my assessments with functional lab work.

I’m a huge nerd, I love being outdoors, and if you ever want to talk about training, I’ll talk your ear off.