Personal Training

At OPEX Bristol; our individual fitness coaching offers many of the benefits of personal training while maximising affordability.

However, if you prefer a one to one setting we offer personal training with one of our professional coaches who will provide you with support and guidance during your session.

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Personal training could be right for you if...

You’re asking yourself “should I get a personal trainer?”
You want eyes on you when you workout, but can’t attend the Floor Coaching hours (see On Site Training).
You have a particular movement issue or a skill you would like individual attention on, including weight loss.
You have specific needs, where having an Individual Coach is a necessity for you to safely train.
You have a serious pre-existing injury that you are rehabbing under doctor/physical therapist’s supervision that needs careful monitoring when working out.

Individually Designed Fitness

Our Individually Designed Fitness program are the most effective way to reach your fitness and health goals!

At OPEX Bristol; you work with your own professional fitness coach who provides you with personalised workouts that are guaranteed to provide you with constant progression towards your goals. Our coaches are here to work with you whether you goals is to lost weight lose weight, prepare for a sport, or use fitness to improve your health and help balance your hectic life.

Our coaches are not only experts in health and fitness, but they are also expert motivators and supporters. We pride ourselves on providing each client with a safe, effective and individual fitness program.

Here’s what the process looks like:

An individually design training program customised to you by your own personal coach
Ongoing assessments to ensure you are on the correct path
Nutritional consultations and ongoing monitoring and support
Increase confidence know that you are on the best program for you
World class accountability
An expert coach who's priority is your improvement, progression and wellbeing
Full access to our facility and equipment
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Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition can be an extremely confusing topic. What should you be eating, when should you be eating, how much is too much or too little. At Opex Bristol we believe that all aspects of your health and fitness should be individualised and this includes your nutrition.

We provide a full nutrition consultation which includes a full “inbody" body composition scan to help us develop the most effective nutrition prescription for you.

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